„Le Cavalier de la Trompette”


"Le Cavalier de la Trompette", silk scarf, 90 x 90 cm

You can almost hear him improvising a few notes as he rides from town to town, looking like something straight out of a fairy tale. "Le Cavalier à la Trompette" is inspired both by a medieval codex, a manuscript of lyrical poetry about love and battles, as well as Polish posters from the 1960s, which have become famous all over the world. Created with large, almost childlike brushstrokes, the silhouette of this 21st-century knight-poet joyfully illuminates the silk of this scarf.

“Le Cavalier à la trompette” plays his improvised song as he travels from town to town. What is his musical improvisation about? Maybe lush nature flourishing around? Or maybe the brave character of his horse? One thing is for sure, this melody is carried from Faubourg all over the world!

The composition contains references to many elements of medieval art. The main character - a musician and rider, alludes to troubadours, knights of poets, whose songs were sung not only in France but also throughout Europe. The way of showing the rider resembles the drawings from the “Codex Manesse”, one of the most beautiful heritage of medieval art. As in the case of the work of troubadours, also “Codex Manesse” praised the court life, on the one hand, full of love for art, and on the other, focused on battles and conquests. The Middle Ages are an era full of contrasts and multi-level, as well as the mutually interpenetrating colors in the project.

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