La dame à la licorne


“La dame à la licorne”, 21 x 29,7, watercolours on paper, 2022

The series of six tapestries depicting the personifications of the senses is one of the most famous works of medieval art. Late Gothic textiles are full of symbolism characteristic of this period: although they show secular scenes, you can find in them many motifs referring to religious themes. All scenes are based on the theme of "closed garden" (“hortus conculus” in latin). This motif often accompanied Marian representations, showing Mary surrounded by a fantastic landscape, separated from the rest of the world. The lady with the unicorn (“La dame à la licorne”) also shows a similar landscape. The tapestry chosen by me symbolizes sight. The woman is holding a mirror in which a unicorn, a symbol of purity and innocence, is reflected. Series of artworks from Museum Cluny in Paris wonderfully shows the mystical world of medieval iconography, full of miracles, magic and fantasy, embedded in everyday life.

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