Costume de Fête


"Costume de Fête", silk scarf, 90 x 90 cm

“Costume de fête” is an hommage to Polish folk culture. This scarf is presenting richness, beauty and craftsmanship of the traditional costume inspired by corset worn in the Cracov region (south of Poland). In November 2019 together with Christine Duvigneau we visited archives of the National Museum of Ethnography in Warsaw. During my work on “Costume de fête” I did wide research in the museum I looking for corsets, skirts, ornaments and traditional paper cuts. I did’t limit my interest to just one region of Poland. As a result the corset on the scarf is inspired by around 100 years old corset from Cracov region, characters and animals are inspired by the style of traditional papercuts from different regions of Poland. Flowers creating frame for gorset composition are referring to the mix of different flowers I have found in albums and archives of the papercuts in Polish folk art and embroidered flowers decorating traditional skirts.

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