Jardin Particulier


 Paintings from series „Jardin Particulier ”, 2018 - 2020

The series of canvases and works on paper that follow the fascination with plants, the shapes of which inspire us to search for a moment of overlapping figurative and abstract images. Many artists were looking for autonomous forms in the shape of plants, archaic forms that went beyond the ornamental dimension. Presented works are characterized by black-and-white tonality, thick paint strokes, which create wavy lines and rhythms resembling labyrinthic compositions or signs of emerging writing. These paintings reveal a great typographic culture, but also a strong artistic instinct, which forces me to draw on the basics of visual experience, to the issue of automatic ordering of stimuli, on the one hand, and on the other hand, associations that give identity of objects to the impressions, in other words, to closing them in margins and frames, to extract what is particular and to compose an arrangement: an image in an image. The title 'Jardin Particulier' refers to the Renaissance tradition of an intimate, sometimes hidden garden inside or connected with the palace (also known as Giardino Segreto). Im playing with this historical term, turning potted plants into a home garden of meditation on the transition of recognizable lines and shapes into abstract compositions, and black spots into dense leaves.

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